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Building and buying your own computer set according to your preference gives you the option to maximize the performance of your pc to its optimum level. At AVH, we sell different barebone PCs that will sure suit your needs and your budget. Our website gives you the best options in the market that are suitable for any kinds of digital signage and other pc peripherals. AVH is the right place to buy barebone PC.

Assembling a barebone computer by hand is usually less expensive than buying a pre- configured computer from a retailer, and may save time and labor compared with building a system from scratch and we at AVH gives you the best offers when you Buy Barebone PC from us. A typical barebone desktop system consists of a CPU, a computer case (or tower), with a pre-fitted motherboard and power supply. If not already provided, the purchaser of such a platform only has to equip it with a RAM, and optionally a hard drive (in some cases, an operating system is/can be installed to a lower-cost flash drive instead) but no need to worry as we also have these peripherals available in our website when you buy barebone PC from our AVH website. Additional input/output devices may be required depending on their needs. Sometimes, it is necessary to install an operating system if the one built into the motherboard is deemed insufficient (or not present at all). An audio adapter or network adapter may be added but this is less common as recent motherboards often already contain capable solutions.

Peripherals, such as a keyboard, mouse and monitor, almost always must be acquired separately. Barebone systems sometimes include a graphics processor or RAM, but rarely any mass storage media (hard drives), operating system or other software. Sometimes PCs with everything a normal desktop PC has except Microsoft Windows operating systems are sold as a barebone computer, but may include free software such as Linux. Refurbished and used computers may also be repackaged as barebone computers, as many computers returned for refurbishing may have missing, broken, or obsolete parts such as hard drives and peripheral.
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